Betty Potts Adventures – About Me


Welcome to my blog/website. 

I’m Betty. I’m an independent travel agent and tea fiend. 

After many years of working, travelling, working, travelling and then working some more I finally started my dream job (well, dream job is an astronaut, travel agent is my realistic dream job, though I live in hope that NASA will spot my CV and give me a bell) and began working as a travel agent on the high street. I wanted to be spending my days planning road trips along Route 66 and expeditions to the Antarctic. 

Turns out, it was more Benidorm than Borneo that I was dealing with. So I left. I now work from home (no commute, no uniform, unlimited tea breaks!) and I am self-employed and independent which means I can focus on the type of holidays that I want to send people on. 

I want to send you on an adventure. Whether your idea of an adventure is a luxury tour of India or trekking in search of gorillas in Uganda, I can get you there.

I have visited over 30 countries, across 5 continents. I’ve been on group tours and solo adventures. I have backpacked in Europe, been on safari in Africa, experienced ultimate luxury in the Caribbean and many things in between. 

Having experience and independence means I can find the best option for you. I work with a range of experts and adventure specialists so the World really is at my fingertips.

Betty Potts Adventures is part of The Holiday Village which offers full ABTA and ATOL protection so your adventure is in safe hands. 


Feel free to get in touch. I’m from North East England, near Newcastle, so you’ll get that famous, friendly Northern welcome. I don’t have a Geordie accent though, so you’ll actually be able to understand me!


Give me a bell: 01912505548

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