Why I haven’t blogged before

person using typewriter
How bizzare is this picture?! You don’t write a blog on a typewriter. That’s a letter! And the font size is enormous. This stock photo is a mess.

I have thought about blogging before. Every now and then I have a mad impulse to write down my internal monologue and lay my thoughts bare for all to see. I have never actually seen this impulse turn into reality because I have been worried about embarrassing Future Betty.

What if Future Betty wants to be PM but some semi-coherent ramblings in an old blog hidden in a corner of the internet revealed her fantasies about riding off into the sunset on horseback with a topless Louis Theroux? Future Betty would be disgraced, portrayed as a depraved pervert. She’d end up as a political obscurity, occasional appearing as a joke in the tabloids, like poor, Cheeky Girl aficionado Lembit Opik.

I am writing a blog now though. Present Betty has realised that Future Betty will never want to be PM. Frankly, the pay is not good enough for the stress levels involved and she can’t imagine having wear a trouser suit and learning how to curtsy. (She’d be bloody excellent at Prime Minister’s Questions though!)

I also worried that if I wrote a blog, no-one would read it. If no-one reads, that’s ok! If there is someone reading, hello! Thanks for coming. You look great today!

I find some blogs utterly cringeworthy, especially travel blogs. I can’t bear to read some of them, with the endless cliches and the photos of glamorous people in even more glamorous locations. I therefore solemnly swear that I will never post a ridiculous selfie taken on the edge of of a skyscraper. In fact, you’re unlikely to see many selfies at all. I haven’t quite mastered the art of smiling and keeping my eyes open at the same time. (In photos, I mean. I manage just fine in real life.) If you want to see a sunburnt Betty with a double chin, do let me know and I will reconsider my selfie stance.

I also promise I won’t describe every experience as ‘life-changing’ and not every destination will be ‘breathtaking’. Though, they are all going to be pretty ace, otherwise why would I be writing about them!

I am not really sure what to write about. I plan on writing about destinations that interest me mostly. I find most places have something that intrigues me so narrowing down will be tricky. My personal travel experiences will definitely feature. I’ve spent too much time and money going to these places to not tell you about them! My thoughts, opinions, news articles and travel offers will also appear.

If there is anything you’d like me to talk about, holla at me.

Finally, I suppose the main reason I am writing a blog now is because I have my own business. I am self employed so I need to do some shameless self-promotion I’m afraid.

I am an independent travel agent, specialising in adventures, tours and experience rich holidays.

I’m blogging so that you know who I am, so you know what I do and so that when you think of your next adventure, you think of Betty Potts Adventures.

Thanks for reading, or not, either way, it’s cool.


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